Friday, January 16, 2009

Where Did All the Money Go?

We live in a time of economic distress. Savings accounts are a fond memory of the past, when people had jobs and didn't have to worry about losing their homes to foreclosure. 

People are increasingly finding themselves not having the money anymore to take vacations, pay for college, buy new cars, or not eat the gross, generic Rice Krispies on the bottom shelf of the cereal aisle.

One question:  Where did all the money go?

It has to be around somewhere. Billions and trillions of dollars can't have just disappeared into thin air. We refuse to believe that this is viable. If the government can decide to give tax cuts, bailouts, rebates, and any other forms of stimuli, why can't we make it quick and dirty and shell out some twenties to everyone every now and again? Honestly, United States Government, it's time to rethink your strategies. We're not going to tolerate this forever.

Until next time, when our pockets are hopefully a tad fuller,

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  1. Ya I tottaly agree, i think the ones that were smart and saved.. those people have money - but they are saving it and not wasteing it on useless stuff. However, if the news said the economy was strong again, people wouldnt be scared to spend anymore. We should focus on making sure people have homes and food to surive, money is not real. THe goverment needs to just focus on food and shelter.. everything else u should work for.